Donate is a nonprofit organization that relies on volunteers and donations. 

As a donor, your role in activism cannot be overstated. We welcome contributions of any amount since all donations help us to make strides in social justice. All donations are put directly towards the upkeep and expansion of Some specific examples of how your contribution is being used to aid our mission include the costs associated with traveling to businesses, photography and videography, marketing and promotion of black-owned businesses, nationwide expansion and so much more.


Transparency is fundamental to our organization's purpose and success. It is important to us that our donors know exactly how we work to create change within their communities. If you’re interested in finding out how your donation was used, feel free to contact us for more info!   

How Do I Donate?

We are currently accepting donations through our website. See below to donate to our mission

*Please note that we are a legally incorporated nonprofit pending 501(c)(3) status

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