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About Belly’s Sliders & Wings

It started as a vision of four men to create financial freedom and generational wealth with a product that they each could relate to… FOOD! But little did they know how troubling this road would be. Their first event was a total disaster. After all the preparation that they had thought they had done they weren’t able to get the brand new fryers working. But that wasn't enough to deter these men from achieving their dreams. See for them they viewed every obstacle as a lesson. As a lesson to get better and be better. From there they began to sell food out of their backyard taking orders via social media platforms. After some time they were given the permission to set up a tent at local retail store. As time progressed, so did their popularity which got them the attention of local breweries. Every stage in their development brings new challenges to overcome and new lessons to be learned. And with the dreams of these four men coming into fruition, they promise to never stop giving it their all.

So exactly who are we? We are Belly’s Sliders & Wings and we are here to satisfy all your carnivorous cravings in spades, descending upon Los Angeles, CA to serve up a bounty of wings and sliders slathered in bold tosses and sauces to bring about an unmatched flavor. If you’re hankering for all things savory, keep your eyes peeled for our truck. Because as the saying over here goes, the bird is the word! #FEEDTHEBELLY